School of the Spirit - Winter School

School of the Spirit - Winter School

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This year the overall focus is growing in sonship. This is based in having a revelation and understanding of our unique identity and in what Jesus Christ has modelled to us as the perfect Son. Gaining insights and utilising tools will help accelerate the growth. Some of the topics and outcomes for this year:

1. What is my individual learning style
2. How to take responsibility for my learning and growth
3. What are the characteristics of Sonship Mindset verse Orphan Mindset
4. What are the keys for heart and mind break through and how to apply them.
5. Knowing the Heart of the Father - cultivating relationship with Father God
6. How do I operate in the Kingdom, and how does it operate in and through me
7. Develop strategies for growth in Sonship, activating and gaining feedback in the learning process.

Style of the Classes:
- Sunday Evenings will be interactive classes from 5:30 – 9:15pm in the four terms
- There will be an intensive weekend in June with Robert Henderson and possibly some more intensive weekends dates to be announced.
- Learning Cluster – Each Learning Member, will be required to be a part of a learning cluster – team of 3-4 people who work together on term project and annual project.
- This year we are working on a 1 year project of personal Sonship – Broken into 4 Term Projects. It won’t be marked but it is required to be submitted for feedback.
- Hoping to have an online component as well for regional students to log in.

There are three type of tracks this year:
1. Casual Learner – Attend one night, or one intensive weekend – just participate in the nights activations separate from the
2. Term Learner – Commit to a Term Block , be a part of a cluster – and work on a Term Project for submission with feedback
3. Year Learner – Commit to a full year of learning, being a part of a leaning cluster, work on the complete 4 term projects that come together in the complete annual project, receives a commissioning at year end for entire year.

Refreshments will be supplied at 5:30pm Sunday evening – A light meal, finger food or snack!

Term 2
Casual Night attendance - $30 per evening
Term Track - Adult Single $120
Term Track - Adult Couple $200
Term Track - Concession $99